So-called “reverse racism“ is a thing.

But it’s a very different thing

Teed Rockwell
6 min readAug 12, 2022


One of the most fruitless online exchanges, on Medium and elsewhere, usually goes something like this. 1) Author says a sentence of the form “all white people are X”. 2) Commenter accuses Author of “reverse racism“, thinking she has successfully played a game of “gotcha“ 3) Author says snidely “don’t you know reverse racism is not a thing?”. 4) Commenter mentally accuses author of playing “Calvinball“ i.e. a game in which the author can change the rules whenever she wants, insuring that she always wins. Any generalization about Black people, positive or negative, is racism, forbidden on pain of social ostracization or firing. Any generalization about white people, usually negative, is encouraged and applauded.

An online dictionary defines racism as “harmful or unfair things that people say, do, or think based on the belief that their own race makes them more intelligent, good, moral, etc. than people of other races”. By this straightforward definition, reverse racism is a thing, and a very commonly occurring thing. White People, according to many Black writers on racism, are moral degenerates, which makes them inferior to Black people. Here’s a sample of comments from various writers on Medium.

“White people are entitled, narcissistic bullies”

“Racism is a white invention. It’s fully understood, recognized, known, accepted and loved, and embraced by all white people.”

“Everything White people do in this world is about not being replaced”

“all White people practice replacement ideology.”

“All White people are racists and/or act racistly to maintain their White interests.”

“The White man is a master when it comes to deception, disinformation and dehumanization. “

“American whites became habituated to the dehumanising effects of wanton brutality, to the degree that they were changed at the genetic level. That genetic memory is now passed from generation to subsequent generation. That’s the beasts you’re dealing with. . .They are of a species, unique among living creatures. They are uniquely brutal and cruel and have no inclination or desire to change, EVER!”

“The deception and subterfuge; the hypocrisy used in the diabolical enslavement of Black people, is characteristic of White Americans to this day.”



Teed Rockwell

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