A Fresh Look at “The Drug Problem” ©1988 by W. Teed Rockwell

I wrote this “Fresh Look” in my early thirties, when my body was requiring me to wrestle with these issues, and it definitely shares the values and concerns of the 80s and 90s. …

So you are saying that all people who prioritize identities are sloppy with chronology. There is no necessary connection there. Some people who prioritize identities are sloppy wiith chronology, some aren't. When you start making claims that tie these behaviors to these beliefs, you are identifying Identitarians as a kind of tribe, and making prejudiced generalizations about that tribe. I'll admit this is a borderline case. But if I had your beliefs about this topic, I'd stay away from that border.

My brother works the Renaissance Faire circuit, in the American South and elsewhere. These faires are attended by large numbers of fundamentalist Christians and Neo-Pagans. The Christians sometimes have trouble with the booths that feature fortune telling, Magic etc., so certain faires put those magic and pagan-themed booths in a separate faire separated by a long path. And of course, the first thing that the children of Christian parents do is sneak away to the pagan side of the fair.

Teed Rockwell

I am White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male Heterosexual cisgendered highly educated able-bodied affluent and thin. Hope to learn from those living on the margins.

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